What is the SynEdge CDN doing for A Plus?

A Plus, one of Ashton Kutcher’s many business ventures, have signed with SynEdge to provide their CDN needs. A Plus is a technology based media company recently acquired by Chicken Soup for the Soul.

A Plus aim to deliver only positive journalism to it’s tens of millions of monthly unique visitors, challenging the way many absorb and digest media news to focus on positivity and social change. The team behind A Plus, including Ashton Kutcher, believe that by writing stories that share the good that humanity can do, they make their readers feel good and want to do good.

A Plus is utilising the SynEdge platform to deliver its content to users on a global scale; the site receives circa 30 million unique hits per month. With a strong proportion coming from outside of the US, it was imperative for A Plus to choose a global high performing CDN, ensuring great response time speeds from the likes of the UK to Germany to Australia, all of which they receive visitors from.

SynEdge will also be optimising the delivery of their mobile app to their users – mobile usage makes up 50% of the world’s internet traffic as of the beginning of 2016, so A Plus are keeping themselves ahead of the curve by ensuring that their mobile users don’t suffer slow service.

“A Plus signing with us is a very positive development” says CTO of SynEdge, Martijn Berkvens, “not only for us, but for them too. They’re a unique and exciting company and give SynEdge the opportunity to showcase the abilities of our platform, providing a faster and more reliable service than any other CDN provider.”

Ben Berman, Lead Engineer of A Plus said this of SynEdge: “We’re very excited to be working with SynEdge. Between optimal pricing, excellent dedication to customer service, and top-end performance and feature-set, SynEdge was the clear best choice for us. So far, the transition has gone flawlessly, and SynEdge has already gone above and beyond to provide features we’ve needed for our iterations. We couldn’t be more pleased.”