Web Acceleration CDN

Web Acceleration CDN

How Web Acceleration CDN Works

Internet users today are more demanding than ever. They want a faster, more efficient and reliable browsing experience. In the past, online businesses had to invest heavily in costly hardware to boost speed and performance. But now web acceleration CDN can speed up the transfer of your content ensuring faster loading times and less waiting times for an increased user satisfaction.

Web Acceleration CDNWeb acceleration uses different techniques to ensure high performance and ability to handle high traffic without having to resort to expensive hardware upgrades.

Here’s how:

Cache Storage

With web acceleration you can store information that’s requested by many users on a regular basis rather having to deliver it over and over again each time it’s requested. This saves time and speeds up your content delivery.

Web acceleration will also update the cached content regularly, so when accessed, the user isn’t receiving out of date information.

Prefetch Storage

As well as cached storage, web acceleration can also store anticipated information and content that will most likely be requested as a follow-up to the existing content such as a following page. This way the page is ready to be delivered as soon as it’s requested making delivery times shorter and enhancing the user experience.


Advances in internet technology and higher traffic means that files are getting larger. This can slow download times and even cause server crashes. Web acceleration can compress larger files so transfer is much quicker and more reliable. This is ideal for large files such as images and videos.

Web Acceleration CDN

Load Balancing

Today, websites are accessed from a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. The bandwidths of different devices can vary so if your website has a high amount of traffic, you’ll need to ensure that the speed and reliability is the same for every user. In other words, you need to avoid queuing. If users notice a reduction in performance quality and are forced to wait, they’ll go elsewhere. High traffic sites, therefore need to use load balancers to effectively distribute their content to a number of users at the same time. Load balancing increases reliability and can easily accommodate a greater number of users concurrently using the same applications.

Web acceleration CDN allows websites to cope with high levels of traffic on a global scale, regardless of the amount of concurrent users and variations in traffic spikes.

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