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SynEdge Private CDN is the ultimate efficient solution for high-demanding forms of content such as large file delivery, video download, live streaming or other OTT (over-the-top) media services.

SynEdge offers a fully managed Private CDN service, based on our own technology, to provide maximum control and flexibility. We deploy our industry leading CDN platform on dedicated POPs at locations of your choice, either in your private network or in public datacenters depending on your audience. Our platform characterizes itself by offering unparalleled throughput at the lowest required footprint in the industry with a full SDN networking topology. This combined with our Quality-of-Experience driven traffic engineering solution, allows our customers to always ensure they provide the best possible user experience to their customer base.

As (network) failures, congestion and unplanned traffic peaks will occur, our intelligent hybrid platform can update network topologies and include external public CDNs in the delivery path in real-time, all from the same User-Interface and API. We integrate with various well-known public CDNs and provide a seamless and unified configuration and reporting platform, to transform the Private CDN into a hybrid delivery platform.

The platform can run both on bare-metal for optimal throughput or on virtual servers and even containerized instances, based on your preference.

What we offer

Managed Service

SynEdge Private CDN is a fully managed service, empowering you to focus on your customers and their experience. Our experts will guide you through every step of the way, from ideation to success.

Full Control

Quickly adapt thanks to real time monitoring and raw log reporting features. Deployment time of 1 business day allows for scaling whenever you need.

Superior Performance

Our fourth-generation CDN, combining our software with your hardware, allows for excellent end-user experiences. You have the option to use your own commodity hardware or use our infrastructure, allowing for the best performing content distribution.

Your Own Dedicated Network

Regardless of the size of your network, SynEdge Private Content Delivery Network adapts accordingly. Whether you need local presence or aim for a worldwide expansion in traffic, we support you with every PoP in your network or in public datacenters of your choice.

Hybrid CDN Ready

The comprehensive portal allows you to monitor, adapt and switch between SynEdge Private and Multi-CDN from one uniform dashboard.

Technical Features

Secure Delivery
Dedicated cache infrastructure, (Custom) SSL certificates, Token authentication and GEO, referrer and IP ACL’s.

Distributed Resources
Achieve 99,9% cache-hit rate with optimal tailor-made configurations. Add Additional caching tiers for additional performance and resiliency.


Reporting & Analytics
Realtime reporting and realtime raw logs.

‘Always On’ Support
Discuss your support needs with one of our experts when setting up this bespoke service

Unmatched Capacity
Unlimited reach and scale. Running on your own network or as a hybrid infrastructure.

Personal Dashboard
Dashboard can be white-labelled, full client-side customization and easy to modify.

Let us tell you:

Why SynEdge

SynEdge at its core has been designed with customers in mind. Created by a team with an extensive history in, and knowledge of, Content Delivery Networks, SynEdge wants to offer a transparent, intelligent and cost-effective way to deliver content.

Using the newest technologies, SynEdge has created a next generation Multi-CDN switching and management platform that has been specifically designed for the increasingly quality driven world. It performs to a higher level than the less efficient and less environmentally friendly options that are currently available as we continuously innovate, meaning customers will always receive the benefit of a CDN with technology at the forefront of the industry.

You will get

  • An immediate boost in content delivery performance
  • Optimized solution with a better return on investment
  • The peace of mind knowing that you work with cutting edge technology with the stability you need

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