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Quality driven CDN switching

As a Content provider you want to deploy a Multi-CDN solutions to improve the end-user experience for your delivery. There are a lot of different ways to implement a multi-CDN solution and much of it is dependent on how much you want to manage it yourself, and the resources you have internally to do so.

You want to have the perfect trade off, between having full control over the delivery process and relying on a specialized vendor to manage delivery end-to-end to always ensure the best possible end-user experience.

SynEdge Navigator is a Cloud service that offers load balancing and CDN switching as a service to enhance content delivery. We constantly measure CDN performance 24/7/365 in every part of the world, across all ISP networks, process the data in real-time and switch CDNs when it makes sense, quickly and automatically, with no effort for you. SynEdge Navigator will automate delivery based on your business rules, no matter what combination of CDNs you use today and in the future. SynEdge Navigator can integrate various third -party data set and has pre-built integrations for the most frequently used ones.

What we offer

Managed Service

SynEdge Navigator is a fully managed service, empowering you to focus on your customers and their experience. Our experts will guide you through every step of the way, from concept to success.


SynEdge Navigator is designed to give a real-time view of CDN performance as perceived by your end-users by constantly probing for availability, latency and (video) Quality of Experience data.

Designed with video in mind

Latency measurements do not provide a view on the video experience, for this Quality of Experience data from various sources is analyzed and used in the decision-making process.


SynEdge Navigator provides a full redundant solution by integrating different CDN suppliers and build a switching layer across these CDN suppliers to avoid service degradations, route around congestion and outages with full integration with SynEdge Navigator.

Switching Rules

Different metrics to make switching decisions. Use any combination of business rules such as costs or traffic commitments, CDN latency information, and Quality of Experience data such as buffering or video failures.

Cost Efficient

Reduced infrastructure and management costs with a RUM data and CDN agnostic platform that also avoids vendor lock-in.

Technical Features

SaaS Based
Reduce your operational cost and complexity.
Highly available and robust container-based infrastructure.

DNS and/or webservice based desicions
DNS based switching across multiple DNS providers for easy integration. Integrate with our hyperscale webservice to allow for more fine-grained decisions with security features such as token authentication and other Access-Control-List features as well as P2P offloading.

Data Agnostic
Support for leading RUM Data provieders such as NS1, Citrix, RIPE and others. Support for leading Quality of Experience data providers such as Nice People At Work, MUX, Conciva and others.

Full API driven development
Interoperability guaranteed by using a single RESTful API.

Personal Dashboard
Dashboard can be white-labelled. Full client-side customization and easy to modify.

Let us tell you:

Why SynEdge

SynEdge at its core has been designed with customers in mind. Created by a team with an extensive history in, and knowledge of, Content Delivery Networks, SynEdge wants to offer a transparent, intelligent and cost-effective way to deliver content.

Using the newest technologies, SynEdge has created a next generation Multi-CDN switching and management platform that has been specifically designed for the increasingly quality driven world. It performs to a higher level than the less efficient and less environmentally friendly options that are currently available as we continuously innovate, meaning customers will always receive the benefit of a CDN with technology at the forefront of the industry.

You will get

  • An immediate boost in content delivery performance
  • Optimized solution with a better return on investment
  • The peace of mind knowing that you work with cutting edge technology with the stability you need

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