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Essential CDN For The Ultimate Gaming Experience

It’s well known that a Content Delivery Network plays a fundamental role in the smooth running of any website, providing speed, reliability and security. CDN is an essential tool that online businesses can use to boost their performance and provide a better user experience. Because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about: the user.

Gaming CDNHowever, as technology becomes more sophisticated, just look at 4K and Ultra HD, gamers are also demanding faster and more reliable downloads.

Even box games require lengthy post-installation downloads. But if gamers have to wait for hours on end for downloads and updates, they’re going to be very unhappy customers. For this reason, game companies are turning to CDN providers to enable quick download times when users request them, without the risks of download failures or system crashes.

Here’s a look at why CDN is essential for the ultimate gaming experience.


Serious gamers are seriously fast. Whether they are using video games, app games or mobile games, they expect download times to be seconds, not hours or even minutes. CDN takes care of latency issues and speeds up the downloading process regardless of varying traffic spikes or larger files. This also means that updates are delivered at a much higher speed so gamers don’t have to wait impatiently to play or update.


Caching and compression is used in CDN to store and reduce the size of large files so they are instantly available. It doesn’t matter where users are in the world or how many of them are concurrently downloading, CDN makes stored downloads readily available to be delivered in seconds.

Gaming CDN


Unfortunately, the internet has become a target for fraudsters and the more gamers there are online, the greater the security risk. A content delivery network can respond instantly to suspicious traffic spikes and can also ensure that downloads are reliable and secure.

Instant Purge

Any internet user knows that updates are constant and frequent. As a gamer you don’t want to be stuck with out-of-date content and downloads that can take up precious memory and affect the quality of your gaming experience. Instant purges will instantly remove out-of-date content and wasteful downloads, while updating your content with the latest versions in milliseconds rather than hours. This ensures that your gaming experience is constantly up to date.

SynEdge gaming CDN not only optimises global availability for gamers but also offers special features to ensure the best ultimate gaming experience, no matter how demanding the user. Contact us today for more information, or visit us online to view our range of CDN solutions.