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Single Portal Multi-CDN Management

Configuring your Multi-CDN workflow typically comes up with custom tooling to stitch it all together. This means that you end up configuring each CDN manually which is error prone, and since every CDN has a different way of setting up customers on their network this quickly can become a hassle and time consuming to setup a true multi-CDN deployment. And even once it’s deployed, there is always more tuning and changes that need to take place.

However, you still want have control over your infrastructure with the ability to negotiate your own CDN agreements, without developing expertise to run and maintain that Multi-CDN stack yourself.

SynEdge Commander combines the functionality of various CDNs and is controllable via one main control plane. The benefit you get is that you are not required to modify each CDN specifically, which in turn reduces the amount of time required to make a change and reduces errors or out-of-sync configuration across the used CDN’s. All configurations of each CDN are aggregated into one central control panel and API.

As CDN’s have their own reporting suites and options, getting a good insight on the usage and potential issues for a connected CDN will require you to monitor all CDN’s individually. With SynEdge Commander there is one unified UI and API which will combine the statistics from all the connected CDN’s to give you a unified view at traffic as well as other important other metrics.

In this way you combine the advantage of having full control with better performance from a managed solution.

What we offer

Managed Service

SynEdge Commander is a fully managed service, empowering you to focus on your customers and their experience. Our experts guide you through every step of the way, from ideation to success.

Single Portal

Full (RESTful) API based integration of different CDN suppliers into one single portal.

Aggregated View

Customizable Monitoring dashboard with traffic statistics from all connected CDNs and Quality Statistics from connected RUM data providers.

Simplify CDN Management

Add, remove and manage services seamlessly over connected CDNs and integrate with SynEdge Navigator for management of business and quality CDN selection rules.

Technical Features

SaaS Based
Reduce your operational cost and complexity. Highly available and robust container-based infrastructure.

CDN Agnostic
Support for leading CDN providers such as CenturyLink, Verizon Media, Limelight Networks, StackPath (Highwinds), LeaseWeb, Gcore, TATA, CDNetworks and others.

Personal Dashboard
Dashboard can be white-labelled. Full client-side customization, easy to modify and single configuration portal to all connected CDNs.

Reporting & Analytics
Realtime reporting. All connected public CDNs in one interface and real time raw logs in a single unified format.

Full API driven development
Interoperability guaranteed by using an easy to use single RESTful API.

Let us tell you:

Why SynEdge

SynEdge at its core has been designed with customers in mind. Created by a team with an extensive history in, and knowledge of, Content Delivery Networks, SynEdge wants to offer a transparent, intelligent and cost-effective way to deliver content.

Using the newest technologies, SynEdge has created a next generation Multi-CDN switching and management platform that has been specifically designed for the increasingly quality driven world. It performs to a higher level than the less efficient and less environmentally friendly options that are currently available as we continuously innovate, meaning customers will always receive the benefit of a CDN with technology at the forefront of the industry.

You will get

  • An immediate boost in content delivery performance
  • Optimized solution with a better return on investment
  • The peace of mind knowing that you work with cutting edge technology with the stability you need

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