CDN Solutions

The SynEdge CDN Solutions

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is crucial to having a global business – if your website is reaching people across the world then you need to ensure that they’re able to access your content reliably and with low latency.

In regards to the internet, latency is time it takes to get information from the server to the user. A CDNs’ primary purpose is to decrease latency, keeping your end users happy.

CDN solutions are offered to help business’ meet specific needs. We offer specific solutions for Gaming, e-Commerce, software and media delivery, and private CDNs.

Gaming Solutions

Our gaming solutions offer a range of features for game delivery that have been developed to address the specific challenges of distributing online games to players all over the world. Gaming is highly competitive and if your users aren’t able to access your games or download them quickly, they will find someone else where they can.

Ecommerce Solutions

Our e-Commerce solutions are centred around the following:

  • Full, secure transactions for your user base
  • Geo-control to ensure that online products are available to relevant audiences
  • Advanced audience analytics that offer you the opportunity to grow with transaction trends
  • Improved discoverability that will benefit your SEO strategy

e-Commerce sites tend to host a lot of static content (images) which make web pages ‘heavy’ and affect loading times, especially when the information is being retrieved from the other side of the world.

CDN SolutionsSoftware Delivery Solutions

It’s important that your large downloads and software patches are delivered efficiently. For this reason, we offer software delivery solutions with the lowest error rate and highest throughput in the industry. All of our technology is cutting edge and at the forefront of the industry, resulting in less moving parts. This also reduces the footprint produced, especially in comparison to older, legacy CDNs.

Media Delivery

Customers have specific media demands. Media delivery CDN solutions help you meet those demands. The most important of which is streaming video; customers want the fast video streaming that our media delivery CDN solutions provide. Abandonment rates for slow loading video is very high because consumers expect near-instant loading times.

Private CDNs

Sometimes, commercial CDN solutions aren’t enough to get the job done. In this situation, a private CDN solution is needed for larger control over your delivery. Our Private CDN solutions give you dedicated PoPs in locations of your choosing that can also be white labelled as your own.

SynEdge has been designed with you in mind; the team has the experience and knowledge needed to help you with CDNs. Our platform offers a transparent, intelligent, and cost effective way to deliver your content. For more information on our CDN solutions, contact SynEdge today, or alternatively, visit us online for more help. We’ll gladly be of assistance.