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On Demand CDN Software

SynEdge is a high-performing global leader in on demand CDN, using cutting-edge

technology to quickly and reliably deliver your website’s content to a global audience.

Why use a CDN?

The growing market for high-quality games and on demand media content means

that web technologies need to keep up with consumer demand. With an increase in

traffic, content providers need to adapt their technological infrastructure to maintain

the best end-to- end user experience. Customers want an uninterrupted, seamless

web experience, expecting fast downloads, measured in seconds – not hours or

even minutes.


An on demand CDN resolves latency issues, speeding up the download process.

CDNs will do so regardless of varying traffic spikes or having to deal with larger files.

This could be important for gamers needing to update their games, or for viewers of

a high quality live stream – none like to wait impatiently. CDNs perform web

acceleration by having strategically placed servers in many geographical locations.


By caching content, on demand CDNs enable frequently requested content to be

instantly available to a high number of internet users, whatever their location. This

technology ensures your website loads faster and more reliably for worldwide users,

improving the online experience for all of your customers.


Security is another essential aspect that CDNs can consistently ensure. They can

respond instantly to unusual traffic spikes, malicious requests, as well as guarantee

the reliability and security of downloads. On demand CDNs can afford you peace of

mind, knowing that your content is both safe from dangerous interference, as well as

more quickly accessible to global users.



on demand CDN

Why choose SynEdge?

SynEdge has one of the highest performing on demand CDN structures in the

industry, with this fourth generation specifically built for higher performance at a

lower cost. We are at the forefront of the industry, using PoPs that are smaller and

yet more energy-efficient than older CDNs, while maintaining high levels of



With 36 Points of Presence over six continents, our on demand CDN

means your global audience can enjoy your content experience with reduced latency

and errors, contributing to your professional service experience.


On demand content is increasingly being accessed through mobile technologies and

we want to help you become part of it. Our cutting-edge technology means you can

deliver your content to any mobile device, with lower latency and greater reliability.

We help you to get ahead of the competition instead of getting left behind.


Getting ahead means knowing your audience. Our integrated analytics engine provides you

with in-depth insights into your audience’s behaviour, allowing you to adapt to their

needs as your content grows.


By selecting SynEdge to host your on demand CDN, you’ll have access to the

support you need to make the most of your website. We provide a support team who

are always reachable and whose mission it is to resolve your questions or queries as

fast as possible, so that you can continue to be one step ahead of the rest.


SynEdge’s on demand CDN service ensures your content is optimised across all

platforms, so that you can focus on creating brilliant and successful content.