Holiday Sales Trends: e-Commerce

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday passed we’re rapidly approaching the Big Day itself. The build up to the holidays between Black Friday and 25th December sees a 50-100% increase in online sales with last minute presents no doubt making up a fair percent of those purchases. It’s estimated that holiday season shopping accounts for 20% of sales in a year for the retail industry as a whole and up to 30% of an individual retailers total sales.

The two segments of the retail market most sensitive to the holiday season are Apparel and Accessories and Computers and Electronics on the basis of sales. Both peak at the end of November around Black Friday which in unsurprising and don’t pick up again until 10 days before Christmas although no where near to the extent of Black Friday. Apparel/Accessories is the only market of these two to then pick up again after Christmas – however, of the holiday insensitive markets (Health/Beauty, Food/Drug and Homeware) Health and Beauty also rises again for Boxing day. This is probably due to the Boxing Day sales that take place in the UK, Canada and parts of Australia.

Is your e-Commerce brand part of the holiday sensitive segment of the market? If it is, are you prepared for the effects the increase in traffic will have on your website?

Websites that don’t load in 2 seconds or less will lose 50% of their potential visitors. That’s a lot of potential sales to miss out on, especially at a time of year when high amounts of spending are encouraged. Large amounts of traffic on a website will have adverse effects on the overall performance of a website – including the speed of pages loading – due to large amounts of information being accessed from only one place. The use of a CDN can and does improve this due to this information being cached in an edge server closer to consumers the world over. Think of it like having only one till open for a busy shop – it results in frustrated people walking away from purchases and the overworked cashier (or website) making mistakes. By using a CDN it is effectively opening up more till points, resulting in higher speeds and happier customers.

41.2% of Cyber Monday traffic came from mobile devices, substantiating the increasing trend of mobile purchases and the importance of having a fast and reliable mobile friendly site. The average load time for a mobile site is much longer than that for a desktop computer which is to be expected however according to research by Centre for Retail Research (CRR) and 40% of consumers think that the mobile shopping experience could be improved. The SynEdge platform is designed specifically to enhance mobile performance using device detection at the edge as this is evidently a large part of the future of e-Commerce.

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