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How To Make Your Business A Success with E-Commerce CDN

Online shopping has come on in leaps and bounds since the days of Amazon and Ebay dominating the e-commerce market. Today, it’s never been easier to create an e-commerce business that allows you to promote and sell your products on a local, national or even global scale. The potential to grow your business is enormous.

Software Delivery CDNHere are a few tips to ensure that your e-commerce business is a success.

Know Your Customers

Ensure you know your target customers and their needs and wants as much as possible. Your online business must focus on them. Creating an optimum user experience, you’ll attract new customers and keep existing ones loyal. This involves:

  • Reducing the amount of screens a customer has to click through
  • Easy to use CTAs
  • Simple, straightforward and secure checkout
  • A variety of payment methods
  • Attractive shipping options – free shipping if possible
  • Showcasing your products with high quality images and custom videos

The whole experience needs to be seamless, quick and efficient for ultimate customer satisfaction.

On-Going Testing

Invest in testing and analytics to keep on top of maintenance, keep up to date with latest trends and discover new opportunities to enhance your business growth while working out what works and what doesn’t.

Go Mobile

A fast responsive site is essential for any e-commerce business to provide an optimum user experience on all devices. Your site should be easy to read on smartphones and tablets, with quick loading pages and user friendly CTAs. A fast responsive website also helps with your Google rankings.

Software Delivery CDN

Invest In CDN

Software delivery CDN is essential for a successful e-commerce business. Speed is crucial for optimum user experience. CDN solutions ensure faster download times and resolves latency issues. It also helps you reach a larger audience across the globe, and, as a single platform, it cuts out the need for expensive foreign hosting.

CDN is a customised package that is tailor-made for your business. It takes the headache out of maintenance and data analysis while ensuring secure and reliable downloads.

For more information on our software delivery CDN, including e-commerce CDN, contact SynEdge today, or visit us online to see our range of CDN solutions.

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eCommerce – Don’t Ignore Your Mobile Consumers

It is well known and has been widely covered that the vast majority of people within Europe now own a smartphone. It is probably less well known that up to a third of online purchases are made on mobile – whether thats through an app or on a mobile browser.

Similar trends can be seen in video consumption; as smart phones become more capable at conveniently providing a service, they’re also increasingly being used for this reason. Unfortunately, while mobile video delivery for mobile is improving it doesn’t appear that the same can be said for eCommerce. According to Monentate’s Ecommerce Quarterly Report mobile conversion rates are on the rise but slowly, and are still no where near the conversion rate that is seen on desktops. In Q1 for 2016 desktop conversion rates were 4% (the amount of site visitors in comparison to the amount of purchases) yet on mobile were only 1.3% on mobile. In a world that is increasingly relying on mobile technology, that is a surprisingly low number.

It’s highly likely that this low figure is due to eCommerce retailers mobile sites not being able to provide consumers with the speed of service that they have become accustomed to. While the above statistics only apply to Europe, the increase in use of mobiles is a worldwide phenomenon, with mobile ownership overtaking desktop ownership in 2014. Taken from Econsultancy, the top 50 highstreet retailers are seriously lagging in their mobile capabilities with 20% not having a transactional mobile store and 46% not supporting responsive website design. This shows that slow response times are not the only factor putting consumers off, but they certainly don’t help.

According to comScore, mobiles make up 60% of internet traffic. So why does it appear that retailers are digging their heels in when it comes to keeping their mobile audience happy? Many retailers apps are successful but over 60% of mobile shoppers in Europe chose to do so on the mobile browser sites. Even with a perfectly functioning app, more than half of people are choosing to utilise the mobile site; just having a well designed app doesn’t cut it anymore in encouraging people to shop via their smart phones.

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The Ever Increasing Rise of Mobile

In the past we’ve posted about the increase in mobile video – but that’s not the only mobile increase. Many of you will be aware that more people own an internet connected mobile device than a desktop PC, and in fact desktops were over taken by mobile in 2014.

51% of people in the US access digital media through a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, with 2.8 hours spent a day doing so in comparison to the 42% of Americans that access digital media through a desktop or laptop. These users spend 2.4 hours doing so with similar trends being seen the UK as well. 33% of people in the UK see their smartphone as the most important way to access the internet, which is no surprise considering the constant advancements. Recent Ofcom research has shown that mobile devices are now more popular for accessing online material than desktops are, with two thirds of the UK now owning a smartphone, tablet or other internet accessible mobile device. This increase in ownership of smart devices has revolutionised the way in which we communicate and access the web, especially now that 4G is accessible across almost 90% of the UK.

Mobile is more popular than ever

4G connected users are more likely to use their phones to shop, bank, watch TV or videos and communicate using their smartphone than those without, ensuring that they’re spending longer on their devices due to the fact they perform almost as quickly as their desktops – just far more convenient. Nearly half of people aged 18-24 check their phones within five minutes of waking up, with over a third of adults above this age doing the same; the quickest and easiest way to reach a large portion of people before they’ve even left bed is to now do it via their phones. The amount of time spent online has almost doubled since 2005, with internet users spending on average just over 20 hours a week surfing the web and using social media and this is undoubtedly due to our ever increasingly convenient mobile world.

Predictably Millennials are taking charge with smart phone ownership with 90% of them in possession of one, however there has been a steep increase in 55-64 year olds owning smart devices, more than doubling since 2012 from 19% to 50%. Millennials and younger adults are not the only audience more likely to be reached through a mobile device; by providing a mobile friendly platform it’s possible for a company to reach a wide variety of people. It is becoming more and more evident that having a site optimised for mobile is key in order to succeed. It is clear that mobile is here to stay and the incline in users is only going to keep growing over the next few years.

SynEdge has been created with this in mind: a fourth generation CDN that is optimised specifically for mobile devices all over the world. Make sure what you’re offering isn’t going unseen because it isn’t as suitable for the mobile world as it could be. Get in touch and have a chat with us about how we could help: or call +44 (0)1344 706 061



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Holiday Sales Trends: e-Commerce

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday passed we’re rapidly approaching the Big Day itself. The build up to the holidays between Black Friday and 25th December sees a 50-100% increase in online sales with last minute presents no doubt making up a fair percent of those purchases. It’s estimated that holiday season shopping accounts for 20% of sales in a year for the retail industry as a whole and up to 30% of an individual retailers total sales.

The two segments of the retail market most sensitive to the holiday season are Apparel and Accessories and Computers and Electronics on the basis of sales. Both peak at the end of November around Black Friday which in unsurprising and don’t pick up again until 10 days before Christmas although no where near to the extent of Black Friday. Apparel/Accessories is the only market of these two to then pick up again after Christmas – however, of the holiday insensitive markets (Health/Beauty, Food/Drug and Homeware) Health and Beauty also rises again for Boxing day. This is probably due to the Boxing Day sales that take place in the UK, Canada and parts of Australia.

Is your e-Commerce brand part of the holiday sensitive segment of the market? If it is, are you prepared for the effects the increase in traffic will have on your website?

Websites that don’t load in 2 seconds or less will lose 50% of their potential visitors. That’s a lot of potential sales to miss out on, especially at a time of year when high amounts of spending are encouraged. Large amounts of traffic on a website will have adverse effects on the overall performance of a website – including the speed of pages loading – due to large amounts of information being accessed from only one place. The use of a CDN can and does improve this due to this information being cached in an edge server closer to consumers the world over. Think of it like having only one till open for a busy shop – it results in frustrated people walking away from purchases and the overworked cashier (or website) making mistakes. By using a CDN it is effectively opening up more till points, resulting in higher speeds and happier customers.

41.2% of Cyber Monday traffic came from mobile devices, substantiating the increasing trend of mobile purchases and the importance of having a fast and reliable mobile friendly site. The average load time for a mobile site is much longer than that for a desktop computer which is to be expected however according to research by Centre for Retail Research (CRR) and 40% of consumers think that the mobile shopping experience could be improved. The SynEdge platform is designed specifically to enhance mobile performance using device detection at the edge as this is evidently a large part of the future of e-Commerce.

For more information on how SynEdge could improve your e-Commerce site don’t hesitate to get in touch on or call +44 (0)1344 706 061.