Content delivery network

Content Delivery Network

4 Simple Ways To Optimise Your Site

If you’ve invested time and money in creating an appealing website, the next step is to ensure that it gets enough traffic and visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

How high up you are in SERP rankings through organic search results can be greatly affected by the SEO methods you use.content delivery network

Good SEO practices help search engines to find and index your site, while also giving visitors a good user experience. This in turn will increase the likelihood of repeat visits and ultimately improve your traffic. More traffic means more conversions and more sales. In other words, by helping your online presence, good SEO will increase the success of your business.

Here are some simple ways to optimise your site and get the traffic you need to make your business a success.

Quality Content

Blogs, articles, videos and other forms of content should be informative, relevant and engaging.

Don’t mistake quantity for quality. Your content should be high quality and something that visitors want to read or watch. Knowing your audience and connecting with them through your content is one of most fundamental SEO rules.

Use keywords strategically and sparsely. Don’t overstuff your content with keywords, especially phrases that don’t fit naturally into the text.

Google is moving more towards long-form, high quality content that offers valuable information to visitors rather than mass produced, shorter pieces written for robots.

User Experience

Your website should focus on your visitors, not just your business. By creating a pleasant user experience, you’ll guarantee return visits. Your site should be easy to navigate, with relevant content, images and internal links.

Ensure your website is mobile friendly and easy to use on all devices with simple, clear CTA buttons and good loading times.

If your website is built for e-commerce, ensure the check out is simple and seamless and products can be found easily.

Speedcontent delivery network

In an increasingly impatient world, speed is an essential element for optimising your site. Pages should load quickly and videos should take seconds, even milliseconds, to download.

Don’t keep your visitors waiting; it’s a sure fire way to lose them.


Investing in a good Content Delivery Network can give your site the speed, reliability and security it needs to create an optimal user experience and improve your traffic.

A good CDN will ensure your visibility and accessibility from anywhere in the world, reaching audiences in all corners of the globe. It creates a good user experience no matter how many visitors are concurrently using your site.content delivery network

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