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Content Delivery Network

4 Simple Ways To Optimise Your Site If you’ve invested time and money in creating an appealing website, the next step is to ensure that it gets enough traffic and visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). How high up you are in SERP rankings through organic search results can be greatly affected by the […]

On Demand CDN from SynEdge

SynEdge is a high-performing global leader in on demand CDN, using cutting-edge technology to quickly and reliably deliver your website’s content to a global audience. Why use a CDN? The growing market for high-quality games and on demand media content means that web technologies need to keep up with consumer demand. With an increase in […]

Web Acceleration CDN

How Web Acceleration CDN Works Internet users today are more demanding than ever. They want a faster, more efficient and reliable browsing experience. In the past, online businesses had to invest heavily in costly hardware to boost speed and performance. But now web acceleration CDN can speed up the transfer of your content ensuring faster […]

How To Make Your Business A Success with E-Commerce CDN

Online shopping has come on in leaps and bounds since the days of Amazon and Ebay dominating the e-commerce market. Today, it’s never been easier to create an e-commerce business that allows you to promote and sell your products on a local, national or even global scale. The potential to grow your business is enormous. […]

SynEdge Gaming CDN Solutions

Essential CDN For The Ultimate Gaming Experience It’s well known that a Content Delivery Network plays a fundamental role in the smooth running of any website, providing speed, reliability and security. CDN is an essential tool that online businesses can use to boost their performance and provide a better user experience. Because ultimately, that’s what […]

Private CDN

Benefits Of Responsive Web Design It’s no good having a fancy website with impressive graphics, quality content and custom videos if you can’t provide a satisfying and enjoyable customer experience. The highest percentage of searches come from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Internet users are an impatient lot and today they are more […]

CDN Software

The Advantages Of CDN The internet age gives business owners the opportunity to reach out on worldwide scale. Never before have businesses been so accessible. This also means that competition is higher. In the battle for higher rankings, optimal user experience has become the goal for all companies with an online presence. The key is […]

Media Delivery CDN

Why Your Website Can Benefit From A Custom Video Content marketing is essential for the success of your website and therefore, your business. However it’s not just about what you present, but how you present it. Written content will always have the top place on most websites, but you should never underestimate the power of […]

The SynEdge CDN Solutions

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is crucial to having a global business – if your website is reaching people across the world then you need to ensure that they’re able to access your content reliably and with low latency. In regards to the internet, latency is time it takes to get information from the […]

What is the SynEdge CDN doing for A Plus?

A Plus, one of Ashton Kutcher’s many business ventures, have signed with SynEdge to provide their CDN needs. A Plus is a technology based media company recently acquired by Chicken Soup for the Soul. A Plus aim to deliver only positive journalism to it’s tens of millions of monthly unique visitors, challenging the way many […]