The Next Generation in Multi-CDN Switching

There are different ways to run a Multi-CDN switching platform, and the way to do it is dependent on the traffic type and use case. The SynEdge way uses an optimized strategy that leverages performance metrics in the decision-making process by deploying a Multi-CDN platform. This means that the CDN chosen is the “best” performing CDN, which has received the highest score across the board. In that case the evaluation is based on new QoE metrics based on the specific region, for the specific piece of content, considering the ISP and device of the end-user intending to access the content. 

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Quality Driven CDN Switching. Measure, Analyze, and Select your Multi-CDN

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Single Portal Multi-CDN Management. Configure, Monitor, and Manage your Multi-CDN

Private CDN

Your Own CDN. Design, Build, and Manage your CDN



SynEdge at its core has been designed with customers in mind. Created by a team with an extensive history in, and knowledge of, Content Delivery Networks, SynEdge wants to offer a transparent, intelligent and cost-effective way to deliver content.

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